Connect with self to Converse with others and Create in Unison.

Until we genuinely Connect with and understand our own various quirks and idiosyncrasies, we can never authentically Converse with others.

When we authentically Converse with others, we are then able to Create synergetically and in Unison, for the highest good of all concerned.

Developing Human Synergy

The ‘Developing Human Synergy’ model is indicative of how Unison Communications believes we can work together successfully to create the agreed outcome.

Within an organisation this translates to synergy in motion, ‘synchronised energy’, utilised for a common goal of beneficial change for all players.

It’s about creating a more cohesive workplace, a more connected community, where the bottom line is achieved by developing people.

We Focus on Communication

Many of us interact in life from a level of uncertainty about ourselves and others, both personally and professionally.

As we begin opening up and realising our own capacity; we gain clarity in communication, we embrace challenges and welcome change.

This creates a profound and positive effect on our interaction with others.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Robyn Walker to any business or group.
She is dynamic and passionate; she is considerate and caring; and invests in your staff as much as you do.”

Jan Elkin-Roberts, CEO, St. Vincent’s Clinic


Just as nature’s eternal rhythm allows the seasons and her inhabitants to flow one into another, so too does a TEAM, an organisation, a community, move from one day to one year, from one project to another.

How effectively they do this, depends on how respectfully each person is valued and acknowledged. Just as an orchestra allows each instrument to be heard, to have its day and create the majesty of sound, so too does a vibrant organisation listen to and allow each person to express, to be heard, to discover their own uniqueness and flow with the rhythm of life.

Some instruments are ‘loud and bold’, others are ‘soft and fine-tuned’…in a symphony orchestra, these unique individual sounds, unite in harmony, to create one expression.

Within a TEAM, an organisation, a community, this translates to synergy in motion, ‘synchronised energy’, utilised for a common goal of beneficial change for all players.

Robyn Walker 1997