Authored by
Robyn Walker

Robyn has been working in the field of human behaviour for over 30 years, assisting Leaders and their TEAMs create positive change within their organisations.

Her books, ‘BEINGW.I.S.E. LEADER and ‘Born to Fly’, are testament to her experience and passion for self-awareness and personal growth. In her books, Robyn suggests that we all have our own ‘innate wisdom’, which is part of our collective survival mechanism.

‘BEINGW.I.S.E. LEADER’ is Robyn’s second book which focuses on developing this wisdom to help make positive changes within organisations.

On the other hand, ‘Born to Fly’ is a beautiful story based on Robyn’s personal experiences with Cherub, a Rainbow Lorikeet, who flew to freedom with her feathered friends.

Although two very different books, written 25 years apart, they both share the one commonality, in that we are all on this ‘journey of life’ together. And together, we can make a profound and positive difference in all our lives – individually and collectively.

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Elevating Brain/Heart Wisdom with “The four W.I.S.E. Leadership Styles –

Warrior, Investigator, Saviour, Entertainer®’”

We are all Leaders, and we are all Followers
We are all Teachers, and we are all Students
We are all Saints, and we are all Sinners
We are all Performers, and we are all Observers

BEINGW.I.S.E. LEADER’ is Robyn’s second book, and the culmination of her current 30-year facilitation and presentation career, ‘working at the coal face’ in human behaviour.

One of her major philosophies, which the book explores, is ‘we are all born with innate wisdom’…and she suggests this is an inherent quality of our human nature and therefore our collective survival mechanism.

Robyn also addresses the commonalities, within our humanity, which simultaneously connect and divide us, placing some people on a pathway of love and peace, and others on a pathway into fear and conflict!

A W.I.S.E. Leader understands this and works to tap into the innate wisdom of those around them. They do this through empathy and understanding, thus creating an environment where people feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings. This allows for open communication and collaboration, which is essential for any successful organisation or TEAM.

A W.I.S.E. Leader also understands that there may be times, for them to step into a Follower role, and allow one of the TEAM to step into the W.I.S.E. leadership role

BEINGW.I.S.E. LEADER’ offers a ‘wisdom modality’, that is accessible for all.

It’s not rocket science – it’s a ‘re-membering’ of all that is brilliant and unique about us…  both individually and as a collective humanity. Or as Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

Oh and one last word…

 ‘BEINGW.I.S.E. LEADER’ does come with a Major Disclaimer!!!

You may end up discarding previously held thoughts around ‘Who and What is Leadership?’

In addition to preciously guarded B.S. (belief systems 😊) which have potentially been sabotaging your own happiness, and those around you.

Robyn’s latest book is now available on Kindle and Paperback.

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“Born to Fly” is a beautiful story, based on Robyn’s personal experiences, of how Cherub, a Rainbow Lorikeet, and her feathered friends flew to freedom.

Does the book also contain fictional aspects? Absolutely, for it is the magic of storytelling that weaves throughout the pages, blending fiction and non-fiction together, taking the reader on an amazingly poignant journey.

Is ‘Born to Fly’ a children’s book? Yes, it is!

It is also a story with a broader message for adult readers, as there are levels within levels.

Robyn believes we are caretakers and guardians of the natural world and, as we observe and delight in the many wondrous examples of nature, we automatically teach our children this precious gift!

‘Unless you flap your wings, you will never know how high you can fly” Unknown

Available on Kindle and Paperback.

“Two of my primary philosophies are ‘we are all born with Innate Wisdom’….and therefore ‘if we knew better, we would do better’.

My purpose is to assist people to recognise their own innate wisdom, and then share this wisdom with others.

‘We teach what we need to learn – and as we learn we teach”. 

This is the underpinning behind both my philosophies, which I bring to every presentation, to every speaking engagement.

‘It’s not rocket science” and, as I often say… ‘It is who we are…individually and collectively…’

I am also very passionate about my purpose, as I believe it is essential, now more than ever, for us to remember who we are as individuals, and therefore what we are capable of, as a collective, within all our workplaces and communities. It is the cycle of learning and growth that we are all a part of.

– Robyn Walker