in Business and Community Settings

Robyn works with Leaders (and their TEAMs), by supporting them to create positive change in their organisations.

KEYNOTE Speaker and Motivational Presenter


As an inspirational and informative speaker, Robyn’s extensive professional journey, has taken her from the boardroom to the jailhouse and most points in between.

Her inclusive, engaging style is a result of facilitating workshops and programs since 1992, to a diverse client base, ranging from government, corporate and small business, to community groups and schools.

Robyn has also worked with some of our most vulnerable; which includes refugees, kids at risk, people long term unemployed, people with intellectual disabilities, mental health, suicide prevention; women in prison, people affected by domestic abuse, and those sentenced for impacting domestic abuse.

It is this wealth of ‘working at the coal face’ in human behaviour, that has provided her with the depth, breadth, and expertise few speakers on Leadership can offer.

Conversations for a better world®

Robyn is also a warm and intelligent interviewer.

Her first TV show, ‘Conversations with Robyn®’ (CWR) was born in 2005 to share powerful and inspirational conversations with guests, who were leaders in their field of expertise and passionate about creating a more understanding, cohesive and caring world. (YouTube links below for some of these conversations)


Robyn’s latest book, “BEING A W.I.S.E. LEADER”, is a guide to developing our innate wisdom, self-awareness and empowerment in the leadership journey.

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‘BEING A W.I.S.E. LEADER’ is Robyn’s second book, and the culmination of her current 30+ year facilitation and presentation career, ‘working at the coal face’ in human behaviour.

One of her major philosophies, which the book explores, is ‘we are all born with innate wisdom’…and she suggests this is an inherent quality of our human nature and, therefore our collective survival mechanism.

Robyn also addresses the commonalities within our humanity, which simultaneously connect and divide us, placing some people on a pathway of love and peace, and others on a pathway into fear and conflict!

I am passionate about being a speaker and unravelling ‘what is authentic leadership?’…as it is not a finite journey. 

I believe that every one of us is a leader in some aspect of our lives, with the innate potential to be great leaders. 

Which is why it’s so inspiring, when I see people re-ignite their own innate wisdom and re-define what “authentic leadership” means to them.

I’m also passionate about assisting people to find their voice and share their own unique message with the world.  

– Robyn Walker


“I believe that every one of us is a leader in some aspect of our lives, with the innate potential to be great leaders.”